Noteperformer playback engine connection fails

I’ve been trying for some days now to download the Iconica playback engine but I get a “connection failed” warning.

Any ideas ?

You will need to contact @Wallander support directly for help with this, Mads.

There’s probably a firewall issue with your ISP and our Amazon S3 location.

If you file a support ticket at, Alexander will provide the playback engines as a direct download and explain how to install them.

Strange - I have no problems downloading the other templates :thinking:

That’s highly unusual. Is it Sketch or full Iconica? I don’t seem to experience any issues here.


I see. Here’s a direct link to the playback engine (NP 4.4.0 only). It goes into the “Downloaded Engines” folder.

You can use the menu in this screenshot to locate the folder:

Got it!
Thank’s Arne :slight_smile: