NotePerformer playback has bizarre gaps between notes despite my tweaks (help)

you don’t select notes – this is an on/off toggle. Just draw a single point in the CC108 lane at 1 (on) or 0 (off) at the point where you want this to start for each instrument you want it to apply to as seen below. That setting remains until changed for the whole flow at least. It would be easier if you could quickly copy the controller point to all instruments and the team have said in answer to several questions about this area that it’s in their plans for the future at some point. I for one would very much welcome it!

Learning lots of new things here.
I set CC108 to 0 at the very start of every part, but I hear no difference.

You should set it to 1 to activate, 0 to deactivate.


Yeah that helps and sounds much more natural.
Thank you everyone.