Noteperformer playback problem percussion kit

I can’t figure out how to add a suspended cymbal to the standard (note performer) percussion kit. I’ve added the instrument, but I can’t get the sound right. I also already tried to make a suspended cymbal into a 5 line but then I can’t change the default placement on the upper line.

adding an extra note performer vst doesn’t work…

I need to have the suspended cymbal on a specific place on the first upper ledger line.

Can you upload a blank project where this happens?

You mean a project with only that part in it?

Just an empty project with that percussion kit

Thanks for checking!

other option would be to make the suspended cymbal a 5 line instrument IF it is possible to change the note position, it’s stuck to the middle line…

test percussion kit.dorico (726,0 KB)

So, the Sus Cym is already on the first ledger line, which means the only issue now is the playback?

Yes. The triangle on that same line sounds fine, the suspended cynbal doesn’t

The reason the suspended cymbal has the wrong sound is that it is part of NP Orchestral Percussion and not NP Drum Set as it is currently assigned. To fix the problem, go to Setup mode and add a single player holding another suspended cymbal. Now go to Play mode, select the track for Suspended Cymbal 2, and in the left panel observe that it is assigned VST 03 on channel 11. Now select the track for Suspended Cymbal 1 and change its assignment to the same VST and channel. Finally, go back to Setup mode and delete the player you just added. You should now hear the correct sound for the suspended cymbal.


Awesome! That works!