NotePerformer playback template still missing

Dorico 3.0.0, Mac OS 10.13.6

I created a Dorico 3 folder in the Application Support/Steinberg folder and installed the Playback Generators and PlugIn Preset libraries by inserting and unzipping the zip file attached to Daniel’s post “Dorico 3 and NotePerformer”.

There is still no playback template for NotePerformer. Re-starting the computer did not help.

Please help.


Please confirm you’ve installed the update to 3.0.10 and since restarted.

Oh it has to be 3.0.10? OK will install that. Thanks!

Not necessarily, but it certainly rules some stuff out…

Updated. It did not help.

I suggest you contact Arne Wallander and ask him if he would be willing to make available the NotePerformer 3.3 beta to you. I believe it’s now very close to release, and it will address this issue comprehensively, but in the meantime he may be willing to provide you with a link to the beta.

Thank you! I’ll do that. So no need to update to 10.14.? I’d like to avoid that as I have a very stable system at present, with a lot of audio software, various DAWs etc., everything working well (except NotePerformer).

I’m in the same boat. Will try a restart. Glad to hear the release is imminent.

Problem solved! I realized I didn’t have the latest version of NotePerformer, which is 3.2. (I’ve never received any notifications of NP updates so the didn’t occur to me). I installed v. 3.2. and now NotePerformer works. I noticed the installation put some files in the Application Support > Steinberg > Dorico folder, so I’m not sure if Dorico and NotePerformer are using the playback template from this Forum, or if the new files are doing the trick. The old files are still there, I mean.
So NP 3.3. or newer Mac OS were not needed to get this working.

Dear Nylonius,
You need to run through the procedure of the pinned thread again if you want NP 3.2 to run reliably after a NotePerformer install (because this install deletes those files if you have installed them before…). Hope this helps !

As MarcLarcher said, it will “sort of work” in the sense that it will load sounds and play back notes, but playing techniques such as arco, pizz, mutes, etc may not work properly unless you re-install Daniel’s files.

Thanks! The install did not delete those files but I’ll delete and re-install them, then.