Noteperformer: Quite quietly playing techniques

Hi there,

I am using Cornets by NotePerformer and have a little issue: the instruments work fine, but when I use the playing technique ‘harmon mute stem in’ the correct sound is played, but quite quietly.

Can the volume of the playing technique be manipulated in a smart way? Can it be set in Noteperformer directly just like the normal sounds? Just need to play it louder, without placing a f or ff.

Thanks for the help + Best regards,

You might be able to achieve the balance you want between the open and muted cornet notes by putting the muted notes in a separate voice, enabling independent voice playback for the cornets, and increasing the volume of the muted cornets in the NotePerformer mixer.


Hi John,
I didn’t know that feature! It works perfectly and smart, thanks a lot!!

Best regards

just turn up the dynamics in the playback mode - see my video at 6.30