NotePerformer Randomly Playing Wrong Notes/Sounds in Dorico

Every time I leave Dorico On for a little bit, for some reason the sound playback slows down, becomes barely audible, and the samples are incorrect. The Key also lowers by a minor 9th. This always happens with NotePerformer. It’s NEVER happened on Windows, and only became an issue upon using Mac.
This is highly unacceptable.
What can be done to correct it?

I tried switching to HalLion and seeing if that solves the problem, but no. Why does Dorico for Mac behave this way?

In general, it doesn’t. Can you be more specific about your computer? Also, please attach the project (or some cut-down version of it) that’s exhibiting this behavior.

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Some other app or the system changing the sample rate?
96 to 44.1
Sounds like a sample rate mismatch


Hi @Elwin_Raffins , just as Jesele mentionsl, I too think that it is a sample rate issue, namely that while you are away from Dorico, you open a different audio app which changes the sample rate of the current audio device. It is best if you use one sample rate throughout on your system and everywhere. Then this error should go away.