Noteperformer Redundant Instruments

A few issues:

  1. I’ve got extra instruments in the Noteperformer mixer. Doing a reset in the mixer window does not get rid of them. Seems like they were added when adding a divisi. Once the divisi was removed the duplicate tracks have remained. This is not only limited to divisi. I’ve noticed that deleting instruments will still keep them in the Noteperformer mixer which means that when more instruments are added, more Noteperformer VST instances are unnecessarily added because the others are seemingly full. Is there something I can do to reset the Noteperformer instances to show only what is in the score.

  2. I added an instrument and it has created an additional Noteperformer instance e.g. 05-NotePerformer in the VST instrumet rack. When I try and open this instance to see what’s in side, nothing happens. I know there is an instrument there because it can be auditioned in Write mode in the staff.

  3. I’ve been noticing that the Mac volume slider has been erratic e.g. it should normally be set to mid by default but sometimes when I add an instrument or commence playback after opening a project, the slider shoots up to 90 or 100% giving me a blast in my headphones. This is a recent phenomenon and I don’t know if it is associated with Dorico specifically.

I’m using Dorico 3.5 with latest Noteperformer on latest latest Mojave.

This is intentional. Dorico will only ever add plugins to the ‘rack’ by default - it won’t change things that are already loaded. The reason for this is if you have made changes to one channel of the VST instrument, you don’t want Dorico to overwrite that change if you decide to reorder or delete some of your Players. If you want to consolidate or squash up all the gaps then simply chose Play > Playback Template to re-apple the NotePerformer template. This is how you tell Dorico that you’re happy to lose any manual sound changes you’ve made and it can reassign things from scratch.

As to point 2, go to Edit > Device Setup, click the Device Control Panel button, and switch off the option ‘Set Device Attenuation to 0dB’.

Great this is what I was looking for. I reapplied the NotePerformer template but I lost a 3rd party VST which I had applied to a Piano track. The 3rd party VST was also deleted from the rack. Do I have to rename the Piano track (or do something else) to prevent losing the VST?

Thanks for this. Do you think that the setting had changed with the 3.5 update? I’ve only noticed it recently but it could also be a result of using a particular 3rd party VST which I only just started using. Prior to the update or the use of the VST, I never had any erratic behaviour with the Mac volume.

Re-applying the playback template will reset all plugins in the rack, but there is a feature that you can use to automatically load NotePerformer and your piano plugin - you can create your own playback template - see the video:

I do know that the device attenuation to 0db issue has puzzled (and in some cases infuriated) people since Dorico v1 (longer, actually, given it’s common to Cubase). I don’t know whether Dorico 3.5 migrates the setting across from Dorico 3, though.