Noteperformer reloading

I’ve lost all sound in one project. Other projects are fine. But my question is more general…
I have most instruments played by Noteperformer, but also some in Kontakt and Pianoteq.
How do I reload instruments or reassign playback to Noteperformer without losing the other VST’s assignments?
Also how do I assign a newly created instrument to Noteperformer?
There is some part of this procedure that I’m missing.

Apologies if I’m not understanding this correctly, Steve.

I have a very similar setup to you - Pianoteq, Kontakt and Note Performer. I’ve set up endpoint configurations for each of the the instruments I want assigned to Kontakt or Pianoteq. I can then create Playback Templates, adding the endpoint configurations I want using “Add Manual” and then adding Note Performer using “Add Automatic”. That last step allows me to add new instruments and have them assigned automatically to Note Performer.

Page 40 in the latest version update explains it far better than I can…

Thanks David. I don’t quite understand what you’ve written so will start with pg. 40 of the version update.