Noteperformer setup with Iconica Sketch

Ok, Thanks!!! I just checked, and routing seems ok… I’m not sure though about your percussion map. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have copied MIDI notes. What is Dorico supposed to do? Trigger four or five notes at the same time when one notated note is supposed to play? Not sure Dorico is wired to do that. I suggest you only keep the “original” notes (with tam-tam instrument — I see there’s a wind gong, it will not play on a tam-tam staff because Dorico will only trigger tam-tam. Remember, semantics! Call it tam-tam too if you want your tam-tam to trigger that sound)
Then, if no sound is out (or better, another sound from the library — this would suggest a C3/C4 pb), I’m running out of ideas…
Now that I’m studying the mixer, I see Large Gong (which is also routed to the same Kontakt instance) but Tam-tam and Small Gong are nowhere there. That could be a hint. I also notice that your percussion map says it’s a single instrument, while you have two instruments listed in it (so already multiple), and it’s routed to three instruments. You might change that as well, in order to be consistent, although I honestly have no idea if that would make a change or not.
Another thing I cannot check, since I don’t have that library: check out how Kontakt’s outputs are set up (make sure to make the window with outputs appear, the GUI is crappy, but it’s really interesting to see that window and set it up according to your needs. I made a thread about that.) They might be at -∞ and you don’t know!
Hope it helps!

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