Noteperformer: Sound on input, but not on playback!

Am completely flummoxed by this one, having read various posts, watched the playback troubleshooting video and tried all sorts!

Noteperfomer is set as my default playback template. All new projects give me the correct sounds during note input (both MIDI keyboard and computer keyboard). However, on playback everything is silent! Playhead moves along just fine, but no audio. Switching to one of the HSSE templates works fine, but on returning to the Noteperformer template - same problem.

Maddeningly, older projects work just fine - note entry and playback with Noteperformer just as expected! I just can’t get it to work with any new projects!

Could you create a simple project that shows the problem and attach here? (you’ll need to zip it up first)

New project from template, solo piano. Sound fine on note input, nothing on playback. (328 KB)

That project plays back absolutely fine here. Perhaps Paul will be able to glean something from the data in the prpoject file. It might also be helpful if you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your desktop.

Here’s the diagnostic report.
Dorico (454 KB)

This project doesn’t have the Note Performer expression map installed, so I suggest reinstalling NotePerformer.

Thanks, Paul - that did the trick!