NotePerformer sounds fuzzy

Hi all, I’m having an issue with all of my projects, NotePerformer sounds very fuzzy. Any ideas as to why that is and how I ca go about fixing it?

Maybe try to increase the Playback buffer size.



I actually can’t change that with the current device I have selected, if I understood your suggestion correctly. I can’t go above 48000. Is tyere something else I’m missing?


that’s not the buffer size, it’s the sample rate which is quite different! You’ll find the buffer size in the “Device Control Panel” if you click there. Higher numbers mean more latency so less strain on your system

Maybe try another sample rate? 44100 Hz?

Can you describe your sound a bit more? Are there crackles? or does it just sound muddy?

If you are on Windows by the way, Windows likes to auto-enable Dolby Digital after updates, so you may want to check that aswell. Also play back some music of other programs to make sure the fault is on Doricos side

Could this problem be related to this topic? Sound problems - Regular Distortion

You might also try and switch the driver to Asio4all (see thread above).

Oh, that fixed it! It was set on “low” buffer size. Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

Never mind actually, the problem keeps going away and coming back…

I do not have a ASIO4ALL option, unfortunately

Yes, the sound crackles. Only Dorico has this problem.

About Dolby Digital, excuse the ignorance, but what exactly should I be checking for?

Never mind. If the sound is crackling then it’s definitely not the fault of Dolby Digital.

You have to download ASIO4All if you want to use it.

Thanks for the link, unfortunately the problem persists even after switching to ASIO4ALL. Since the start of this, it tends to sound fine the very first time, but the second or third time I toggle playback, the sound crackles. Any other clues as to what it might be?


Have you tried to turn off the internet completely? Does the crackling persist while you are not connected to any WiFi or LAN? And are you completely sure that it’s only happening in Dorico and not in other applications like Spotify, YouTube, etc.?
Also, are you on Windows Laptop or PC?

could we just be clear if the problem is new or you’ve had it all the time using NotePerformer. Does it work better using the supplied Halion library? Is your soundcard simply an onboard chip or a dedicated device? As NotePerformer does not put much strain on the resources of an average PC, it sounds to me still like there is a problem with your audio device itself or the setting. If you have any other notation or DAW software, what happens there? What is your buffer setting at present – you should be able to choose a specific sample rate (latency/buffer size) as here

Yeah, it’s not affected by the internet. I’m using my computer’s audio. I’ve had rare problems like this in other apps, but nothing I can reproduce EXCEPT for the following instance: when I record with an external mic using an external audio interface, I get some crackling sounds too (haven’t had the chance to investigate that yet).

I’m using my computer’s audio. My other applications are mostly fine.

I seem to remember this problem starting after I tried to download Halion and then switch to it. Halion didn’t work and I haven’t investigated that further, but once I switched back to NotePerformer, the problems started.

After I switched to ASIO4ALL, I check the sample rate and it was at 512, so I upped it to 1024. That fixed the problems for a few playbacks. Then closed the Dorico project and opened it up again, and the problem became worse. i’m getting a really loud fuzzy noise in my right earphone only.