NotePerformer: switching between solo and ensemble sounds

Hi everyone,

for those who own NotePerformer, I was wondering - let’s say you have an line of music given to a certain instrument (e.g. violins) and in the middle it goes from having the whole section play to just a solo player (on the score).

Is it possible to change the configured sounds played by NotePerformer at that moment, from a whole violin section to just a solo violin too?

I think this is something that NP3.3 (in the pipeline) will probably provide… In the meantime, I would not waste any time on that :wink:

If you want to waste your time on it anyway, there is a solution, namely on p. 21 in this PDF:

In play mode, just before the solo passage add a MIDI CC #104 message with the value of 1, and at the end of the solo passage do the same thing but with the value of 0 (resets to default).

I’m attempting to add a MIDI CC #104 message but cannot figure out the secret recipe. I select the note, but when I bring up CC 104

  1. It appears to be already set to 1
  2. It is greyed out and there is no way to change it.

I’m a MIDI CC novice here so be gentle. I’ve attached a small sample project and screen shot.

Test (531 KB)

Use the pencil tool to add a data point to the controller lane. See the documentation here.

It took me a while to get the hang of it - it’s tricky. Well OK, at least for this old timer who started out with punch cards (green screen line editors were awesome when they first came out) :slight_smile:

The values are 0 & 1, so on a scale of 0 - 127 you have to expand the screen out a bit to get things lined up.

Given that there is a way to do it, I know it would not be high on the priority list, but if you could simply select the desired notes (which is easy) and then enter the MIDI CC value, seems like it would be easier? Yes/no?

what if creating some customized techniques indicating:

  1. “a1” only enables the “1st chair”.
  2. “a2” only enables the “one desk”.
  3. “a3-16” controls the amount of people who are playing for this ensemble.

That would certainly be possible, though you’d need to also modify the NotePerformer expression map, which might be arduous given the complexity of the expression map.

NotePerformer already supports this via CC…I think 103.

Dorico does not expose an easy way to frob it though (Play mode sucks for managing controllers that aren’t expression-esque)