NotePerformer to GrooveAgent

All players in my score currently use the NotePerformer VST. But I’d like to switch at least one percussion player to GrooveAgent SE, swapping NP kick drum for GA kick, NP tom for GA tabla, etc. Only the sounds, NOT the notes, dynamics, etc. defined by the score, would change. I understand that I might have to remap pitches to the new instruments, though.

I’d expected this to involve just a few straigthforward steps: i) assembling, naming, & saving a custom percussion kit (16 “instruments”) in GA; ii) simply assigning that kit to a Dorico player – just like the way one asssigns a NotePerformer drumkit (or any other “instrument”).

That didn’t work. In fact, I don’t even see a way to specify which GA kit should be assigned to a Dorico player – much less assign different kits to multiple players. Right now, no Dorico player associated with GASE produces sound, even when the score contains a MIDI not that is mapped to a currently displayed GASE pad.

Dan Spreadbury helped me debug some of the Dorico cofniguration details and it looks like players in Setup & Play Modes are now configured correctly. But still no sound from the GASE players.

Has anybody else gotten this to work? Or am I missing something fundamental?

No you shouldn’t. Because Dorico is built in a semantic way. The percussion map is there to translate what’s on the score to the virtual instrument, but I suppose you have written notes for an intended instrument (not a vst). Of course, if you want to change the instrument (from kick to frame drum, for instance), you might need to tweak some notes, indeed. Or add lines to a perc map (you could add tabla to the GASE percussion map line of the tom you’d like to trigger. Not really clean but efficient workflow)

To switch drum sounds to Groove Agent, I expect one would alter the Playback Template to send drum sounds to GA with other instruments to NP, if I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

I don’t understand exactly what you want to achieve. A whole drumkit to GA is quiet easy. But to me it looks you take the wrong steps. I normaly do this and it works well.

  1. in play mode add a vst Steinberg - GA
  2. press the cogwheel and select the percussion map Groove agent studio kit.
  3. in the track inspector assign the player to GA.

There will be no change in the written notes.

So far I know this is the way to assign VST to diferent players with NP. Start with NP and then add the other VSts.

I hope this is helpfull.

Thanks for the quick response, Maarten. But the 3 steps you outline describe exactly what I did after speaking with Dan. Maybe Derrek is right about the Playback Template?

Yup, templates. I swapped in a GrooveAgent template and the GASE part started working. Unfortunately, NotePerformer then disappeared and all my NP players switched to Halion. Sigh. So I need a NP+GASE template? Hard to believe that nobody else has run into this problem & uploaded one in the past, but if this is the only remaining obstacle, I’ll start reading the template documentation & figure out how to build one myself. And then post it here.

Problem solved? Well, too soon to tell, but I’m hopeful that at least now I’m finally on the right track.

Still wondering about my other question, though: Is it possible to assign specific GASE drum kits to specific Dorico players? It sounds like you guys are saying that it doesn’t work that way.


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It’s fairly easy to build a custom playback template — there’s been a Discover Dorico about this two or more years ago… Create a new playback template, on the first line, make sure you choose manual>drums family and GASE Endpoint, and whatever other “override” you want to include in your playback template, then, last line, automatic>NotePerformer. Dorico will then start to give your players the first line of instrument (if it fits) and if it doesn’t fit, it falls back to NotePerformer (that’s why the order matters a lot). Sorry for the lack of details, I am not in front of my computer now, but I hope I have been specific enough to give you a clear idea of what you can do!

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Here’s the exact procedure to follow:



Hey, thank you EVERYBODY for helping me get on the right track. I realize now that my problem was rooted in the fact that I’d made some bad assumptions at the outset, thinking that the simple procedure I used to add NotePerformer to Dorico could be applied across the board. I guess I just got lucky the first time, and trying to approach this task in the same way could not have worked.

I apologize if I sounded frustrated to death at times – that was because I was! I beat my head into a wall for nearly a month, and it never occurred to me that importing a drum kit from a VST would require familiarity with things like editing Playback Templates. I’ll be spending a few hours tonight watching Dorico tutorials before returning to the score.

Again, thank you all for your help, especially Marc and, as always, Dan Spreadbury. I’ve owned many music SW packages over the last 30 years and can honestly say that Dorico’s support & community is the best I’ve seen – one of the biggest reasons to use this program.