Noteperformer Trial Version, No Sound, Mixer Blank

  1. Downloaded and installed the Noteperformer Trial with no programs running, including Dorico.

2. Went through the Dorico startup guide and made Noteperformer my default playback template.
3. Started a new Dorico project using the Classical Orchestra template.

  1. Tossed in a few notes for the French Horn, then tested to see how it sounded. No sound.

  2. Restarted computer, same problem.

  3. Checked Dorico Play settings for the track, the French Horn was assigned to Noteperformer channel 5.

  4. Using the appropriate button in Dorico Play opened the NP window. It was blank.

Any ideas?

Can you check whether the appropriate expression map is chosen for each instrument in the Endpoint Setup dialog? (The cog icon next to the specific entry in the VST Instruments panel for the NotePerformer plug-in.) If that’s not chosen, then NotePerformer cannot load any sounds.

Ah, thanks, Daniel.

OK, there is one instance of Noteperformer, and it shows 12 channels with NotePerformer listed as the expression map.

I know it’s not my audio in general, just listened to a short podcast a bit ago.


Okay, so after checking that it suddenly works fine! Why I don’t know. You’re a WIZARD, Daniel!