NotePerformer tuning

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Quick question: does changing the tuning in Dorico change the tuning in NotePerformer as well?

My assumption is that tuning changes made in Playback Options (in this case, changing from 440 to 442), do not apply to VSTs, and as such, those libraries need to be re-tuned separately.

What about NotePerformer? Are tuning changes in Playback Options reflected in NotePerformer playback?

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Your assumption is incorrect.


Thanks for the helpful reply, Janus.

Question to your first statement: I’m running some some Kontakt libraries in addition to HALion and NP. When I change tuning in Playback Options to 442, the change automatically happens in Kontakt as well? Nothing needs to be changed in these other libraries?

I don’t know the technicalities, but all Kontakt instruments that I have follow the Dorico tuning.

BTW my old ears cannot distinguish 442 from 440 (except as a pure sine wave)!

Thanks much. Helpful!

Have you come across any documentation about this anywhere?

None beyond the short description in the Manual (Changing the playback tuning).

I only explored it because I have 19C Bluthner piano that won’t hold pitch at 440, so is tuned to 415.

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Gotcha. Thanks again, Janus.

oh (dear), that’s really low for a beautiful old Blüthner piano. How does it sound that way? I would try to get it up to 435Hz…
I had an old ca. 1900 piano „Eccles London“ that could not hold the pitch. My piano tuner, who was a kind if a freak, lay the piano onto its back (with a special construction he had built) and injected some magic tincture into all peg holes. Since then the instrument is up to pitch - since over 20 years now.

It’s a 6’3" model 7 grand c. 1895, with the Bluthner patent action. I understand it suffered a lot of water damage during a house fire some 40yrs ago, which probably explains its pitch problems. That said, it sounds beautiful - warm bass and middle, with a bell like top range and a light, responsive action.

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