NotePerformer with Halion drums?


I have a question about using both the NotePerformer and Halion SE libraries in the same project… I like to use Note Performer winds and strings, but Halion drum kits. The problem is that when using the Note Performer playback template and assigning drums to a new VST instrument, the drums play back as a whistle. If I change the template to Halion SE, Note Performer won’t load at all. I’ve also tried changing the percussion map, but maybe I missed something there.

I have a project that I’ve successfully done this before and I can get the results I want by saving it under a new file name and clearing everything, but I’d rather just be able to set it up in a new project.

I’ll upload the project file, it’s just not cooperating right now.

Here’s the project file that works the way I want it to.
pb big (837 KB)

This project plays back w/o any strange whistles for me!?!. Drum set sounds as expected.

Correct - this one works as I want it to. By default it doesn’t work this way. I can upload another project file that doesn’t work…

Ok, here’s an example of a project I did awhile ago that I would have really liked to do what the first project I uploaded does (NotePerformer winds, Halion drums; possibly guitar and bass as well).

Just for clarity’s sake, this project file DOES NOT work the way I want it to, but the other one does. I want to know how to set up my projects like the other one I uploaded going forward. I don’t like the NP drums. (750 KB)

In Play mode, click the cog button for the ‘03 - HALion Sonic SE’ instrument in the rack to open the Endpoint Setup dialog, and for the first channel where the drum kit patch is loaded, choose ‘Yamaha XG’ under the ‘Percussion map’ column, and you’re all set.