Noteperformer's Floor tom does not play back, while all other drum kit sounds do so just fine

Has anyone else had this issue?

When I try to playback NotePerformer’s drumkit on its staff line, the only sound that does not play back is the Floor tom (which is designated as note position A on the ‘treble’ staff).

During note entry, all of the drum kit sounds are heard just fine (including the Floor tom), but during playback it is only the Floor tom that will not play.

I have the Percussion Map set as NP Drum Set and have tried hitting the ‘Reset to Library Defaults’ button. The Playback Template is also already correctly set to NotePerformer.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Ok, so my odd fix for this was to go into Setup (Ctrl 1), delete the Drum Set instrument, and then re-add it to get it to work.
I wonder why the issue was had in the first place…