Notes ands slurs not amalgamating

Not tremendouesly experienced with the condensing feature, sorry. But I would expect the horns and bassoons to amalgamate. If anyone can let me know what I’m missing, it would be most appreciated!

Amlagmation.dorico (1022.8 KB)


For the horns
option a) In the condensing change at bar 1 put both horns in the upstem voice.

option b) without the need of a condensing change. In layout options/players/condensing add custom condensing groups as needed, for example:
Cor (F)1, Cor (F3)
Cor (F)2, Cor (F)4

For the bassons

option a) In the condensing changed at bar 1 put both bassons in the upstem voice.

option b)Create a condensing change at the begining of bar 4, just select the group “Basson 1, Basson 2” and click ok

of course both “a” options can be applied in the same condensing change.

Thank you very much! I"m still trying to understand why sometimes Dorico will amalgamate (with no condensing changes) and sometimes it will not.

But thank you!


You are welcome.
To be honest, at first i did not understand either why the bassons did not amalgamate at the beggining. The key to understand it ist (from the Dorico manual):
“Dorico Pro considers a sequence of notes between rests as a single phrase. However, rests that are spanned by slurs, gradual dynamics, playing techniques with duration, and similar items do not break phrases.”
In your score the hidden tuplets spann the rest at the end of bar 3, so for Dorico the phrase continues till bar 5 and therefore the notes can not be amalgamated.


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That’s very enlightening. Thank you again! Really appreciate it!