Notes are set one octave higher than the place where I click with the mouse


I am trying to edit a flow which has one 4-string bass player. In the same project I already have another first flow with another 4-string base player.
In the write mode, I click on a place in the staff, for example an F one octave down from the bass clef.
The software places the note on the F where the bass clef is, but I want it to be an octave lower.
This is happening with all the notes I input with the mouse.


I certainly can’t reproduce this in a new project: can you attach your project here (zip it up first) so I can take a look?

This brings me to the one thing I actually miss from Sibelius: shortcut keys to add notes an octave up/down from the selected notes. This was so great for piano/harp writing, Vln1+Vln2 or winds in octaves, &c. Daniel if you would please include this in some future version, I would be very grateful! —π

I am attaching the project for you to see if the problem occurs. I’m using dorico on a mac with sierra

Thanks (164 KB)

Thiago - this is indeed being considered for a future version, but with bells on, of course.

Just to let you know, I restarted Dorico, opened the project, and this time the notes are being placed correctly.


+1 I use thirds, fifths and octaves a lot (big fat surprise :laughing: ) it was much faster to one-key these things than go through the dialog box in “Add notes above or below.” (Yes, I know it’s a Brand X thing, but humor me…)