Notes are wrong notated while copying

I’m inputting notes into an new blank score. I’ve copies a lot of notes between trumpet 1,2,3 . On a specific measure the notes are notated as an second voice (I think) when copied with the ALT button. There are two situations I don’t understand why this is happening.

Please look to the inserted GIF to see what is happen.
mei-29-2017 22-07-20.gif

If you choose the first note of the passage you are trying to copy and press enter, you will likely see from the direction of the caret that that particular passage has been entered with a “default stem-down” voice by mistake. If you right-click and chose Voices-Default Stem-up, it will likely get rid of the rests (or simply remove the rests failing that. It’s happened to me a couple of times. The next update will make it much easier to reassign the passage into the very first voice.

The second copy (the third bar) causes that the first and second bar also changing. I don’t understand why that is happening. Maybe grouping or something?

If you switch on View > Notes and Rest Colors > Voice Colors, it will be more obvious what’s going on. Everything in trumpet 1 must be written using a down-stem voice, while the music in the third bar in trumpets 2 and 3 is written using an up-stem voice. When you copy and paste the down-stem music into the trumpet 2 part, Dorico shows you the rests in the up-stem voice for the bars in which the down-stem voice now appears. If you select those rests and choose Edit > Remove Rests, you’ll find that the down-stem notes revert to showing normal stem directions again.

As Claude rightly says, you’ll be able to fix up all of these problems in the forthcoming 1.1 update.

Ah ok. I see what is happening. Copying an second voice into a bar with an ‘first’ voice will ‘add’ the notes instead of overwriting (the default in Finale). This is very well to see!!! I’m happy.
I think I have made a mistake by pressing the ‘voice’ shorykey.