Notes C3-G3 on M-Audio Keystudio Keyboard Not Working with Cubase 9.5

I’m trying to figure out why these notes are not working in Cubase 9.5. The notes above G3 and below C3 are all working fine with Cubase. When I use my Motif XS-8 everything is working fine.

The M-Audio Keystudio is a 49 key midi controller. I’ve used it a lot through the years with Cubase. I am not sure if there is a driver that anyone would recommend to use with this or to see what I may need to check in Cubase to get these notes working.:slight_smile:

Couple of thoughts.

Put the MIDI Monitor on a MIDI Insert so you can see what is happening when you change things.

Do you by chance have an Expression Map on that Track and if so does it use C3 to G3 as Key Switches?