Notes collapses into the pause

I’m writing a choire section for a song I’m working on, and I’m trying to change and tweak things as I go, but if I change anything in the middle of a melody section, everything else seems to “fall” down to fill the room instead of the notes staying where they were put in.

For example. I want to change a melody, so I make a punctured half note into a punctured forth note so I can add another one within the same bar (6/8 if it helps), but istead of seing empty space to put a note in, the rest of the melody of the entire voice falls back to fill the space, now completely out of sync with the chords and not even on the beat and all the music has changed.

I’m more than slightly annoyed and it is tripling my work load. Is this some sort of setting I can remove? Attach each note to where they were put so they dont move if something prior is changed?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but perhaps you have Insert mode on?

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Welcome to the forum, @swebz. I agree with Ben’s suggestion: make sure that Insert mode (shortcut I) is deactivated. Here’s a video that gives you a bit of information about Insert mode:

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