Notes cutting out during playback (only when full ensemble is playing) Dorico 3.5

Hey there,

Since updating to Dorico 3.5 I have been experiencing an odd playback issue… When playing back the full ensemble, at certain points very specific note(s) will cut out. Sometimes the note(s) will not attack at all and sometimes a sustained note will drop out after a period of time. The notes that cut out seem to be pretty consistent, sparse and I can pinpoint each of them.

However, the odd thing is that it when I single out the instrument the note(s) that cut out during full ensemble playback are present and are performed as written, which leads me to assume this is not an audio engine issue. When I highlight multiple instruments leaving at least one voice out during playback I do not get the issue.

It only occurs when all voices that have material at a given point are playing together.

I even reinstalled HALion Sonic SE 3 - 3.4.0 as a precaution and the problem still occurs…

Thanks in advance!

How many cores do you have assigned to your VST (HALion Player)? You may need to set it to play more simultaneous voices and use more processor cores than you currently have it set for.

Thanks for the quick response.

How do you suggest I search for that option…?


I’ve never fiddled with them myself, but check here.

Derrek is right. Go to Play Mode and open the HALion Sonic SE editor window by clicking on that little e-button. In that window in the top area find the Options tab and click on it. There are plenty of options there but focus on Max Voices and Multi Core. First increase the number of voices and see if that gives better results. I expect it will. If it does not help, try the Multi Core option by allowing more cores to use, but not the maximum, otherwise Dorico might become unresponsive.

Maybe a strange thing, but do you have swing playback activated? I have the same problem with swing notes that have an accent. They are randomly muted

giantstaps, that specific problem is something that Paul is aware of and he will fix it, but I’m pretty sure kmiller111’s issue is different.