Notes disappear

I’ve stripped down this project to a reproducible spot, although it’s happened several times now. When I select all notes in the RH piano and change to Upstem Voice 1, they disappear.

see ya.dorico (699.9 KB)

Whow! That’s freaky!!

Also, when you show the Piano layout, it has one staff with an alto clef.

Maybe he just doesn’t like piano players.

Some weird behavior in this file… not sure what’s causing it.

Did you know the same thing happens with the LH stave as well? I also copy and pasted into one of my files and it happens too!

This more than a mystery, at least to me. I stripped it down to just one bar and one quarter note. Same behavior.

When I switch to engrave mode (or play mode) the mode buttons disappear!?!

see ya (1 bar).dorico (508.7 KB)

That particular bit isn’t a mystery: each mode remembers the visibility of panels from the last time that mode was used. Cmd-6 should bring back the top panel.

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New to me and now no longer a mystery :wink:

This is caused by a bug in the new functionality added in Dorico 4.2 that includes MIDI CC and other Key Editor data in music that’s copied and pasted. It’s already fixed in our development builds and so shouldn’t trouble you in the next update when it arrives. Sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.