Notes dropping when exporting to wav

Hi folks, I’m getting some major drops when exporting to wav for an orchestral mockup. The libraries used are all in kontakt, basically Cinematic Studio Series and Cineperc. I’m on a 8GB MacBook Pro with 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5m, so that in itself may be the problem. I setup kontakt to stream as much as possible and am using about 2GB of swap in order to create the mockup/use the libraries in Dorico. This works for regular playback for the most part, but exporting is full of drops. But it is interesting that I tried exporting each instrument one at a time and removing all the others including the kontakt instances to remove the strain and I’m still getting drops (maybe because of the streaming/buffer settings?). Any insight into possibilities would be gratefully received, trying to see how far I can get along until I’m finally able to update to a 32GB+ MBP or Studio with stronger CPU. My goal was to move all the wavs to Logic X for mixing.

That’s curious to me -FWIW my experience with a lower performing machine has been the opposite, that real-time playback stuttered but was clear and fine with the offline export. So while using the largest available buffer size has helped me for playback on my old Macbook, not sure about this situation.

Though it is not a crash, attaching a diagnostic dump here may allow the Dorico team to point you in the right direction.

Makes me wonder about what it is like with a different vst? Just kinda divide and conquer thinking on my part. Hoopus for example just plain dies when you run out of memory. Maybe the export needs just a bit more space and this is Kontact’s. way of saying nope?

Hi @Marc_Tannous, please have a look at thid thread
If you use FlexASIO or the GenericDriver in exclusive mode, does it export correctly then?

I wasn’t familiar with these - I’ll check these out tonight! Ah, so it seems these are for Windows, I’m on a Mac with Monterey unfortunately. Thank you for the suggestion nonetheless!

It could be a specific issue with Cinematic Studio Series libraries - I recall folks having some similar issue in the past. When I get the chance I’ll try subbing the strings out for Pacific Strings or Nashville and see if I get drops with those.

I’m a bit new to using diagnostic dumps, how would I produce one of those in relation to attempting to export to WAV? Thanks again for the assistance!

It should be sufficient just to do Help > Create Diagnostic Report after you’ve exported audio. Whether or not there will be any information in the logs to help us identify the problem I’m not sure, but I’m sure @Ulf will be glad to take a look.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve also found an older post on VI-Control where folks had this issue with certain Kontakt libraries using low buffers.

« I’ve dealt with this many times.

My understanding is that the bug comes from looped samples in Kontakt that have a crossfade and are streamed from disk.

This issue seems to come and go. Only “solution” I’ve found besides filling up your RAM by increasing the preload buffer, has been to go to “Expert”, then “Engine”, then click Offline Bounce Mode right before you export.

Another “solution” is to export in real-time.

I’ve seen some suggestions that setting “Offline Interpolation Quality” to “Perfect” in Options > Engine fixes it but not sure. I can only say that since setting it to that I haven’t had this issue so maybe? »

A Kontakt programmer confirmed there was an issue with libraries using crossfade loops.

The case above was regarding Cinematic Studio Brass, so same series I’m using and likely the culprit. I’ll post if the strategies suggested resolved the issue otherwise I’ll get the log.

So combining using the Offline bounce mode, Perfect Interpolation Quality, and increasing the buffer sizes to max I was able to get a no drop rendition (after restarting Dorico). Thankfully my computer could handle it, so for now I’ll switch those settings whenever rendering. Thanks again for the troubleshooting.

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