Notes for changes on Dorico macOS. Pencil tool. Coloured areas

Hi, I am cooperating with other person on one arrangement. The problem is - he still uses Sibelius. I got XML file from him and I am going to work on Dorico.

What would the best way to mark all the changes I did in order to discuss it with him? Notes tool in Dorico doesn’t help, because they cannot be exported. I would like to work in Dorico on macOS directly because of playback. I miss some kind of “coloured pencil tool” - so the other person could see immediately where all the changes were done. Or tool wich would allow to build transparent coloured figure which could be used to mark some areas of the score. I could work on Dorico for iPad but there is no possibility to write something with Apple Pencil as well. The only way I found is to work on Dorico desktop and forScore PDF on my iPad. Did I miss something?

It would be great if in a some future I could mark some areas with other color directly while working in Dorico.

Incorrect. Comments can be exported as an html

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I would export to PFD and add the comments in a PDF editor in any color one wants.

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Thank you, I didn’t know that.

Yes, at the moment this is only one way I could find…