Notes hanging in Key Editor when using Halion

Hi, wondering if anyone can help.

I have an issue in the key editor which only occurred a few days ago. If I try and move a note then it just continues to sound. The only way to turn it off is to hit play and immediately stop it, or hit the midi reset button. It only occurs with Halion 6 and it doesn’t matter what program you use.

I can draw in new notes and that is fine and if I use the keyboard to play in new notes that is also fine. Its just when I try and move a note.

I have tried hiding the Cubase 10.5_64 folder in the C:\Users\Ian\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg and then closing it down and starting again and letting it rebuild, but to no avail. I also have Cubase 8.5 and 9 on the system so also hid those but no joy.

For some reason it doesn’t replicate the same behaviour when I use Halion 6 in Cubase 9, so I tried using the Cubase 9 user preference folder in 10.5, but again no joy.

I also tried hiding the Default folder and User Preferences in the Halion 6_64 folder but again no joy. I was not willing to try hiding the entire Halion 6_64 folder in appData\Roaming\Steinberg Folder as I was not sure what might happen: does anyone know if you can hide the whole thing like the Cubase 10.5_64 folder so it rebuilds itself?

I’m not sure but I think what may have caused it to occur in the first place was turning on my keyboard when Cubase was open. I don’t usually do that, as it causes Cubase to freeze, but I thought I could get around it by taking out the usb connection, then turning it on and then plugging the usb back into my hub; bad move!!

If anyone has any ideas what to do, it would be much appreciated.


Please first quit Cubase, then “hide” (rename, or move or ZIP) the preferences folder. Then start Cubase again.

Yes, you can force HALion to create the factory default preferences the very same way as Cubase. I would recommend to try it out.

Hi Martin, thanks very much for the response and apologies for my tardiness in responding. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you view it, my ssd fried itself the day after I wrote this, and it was not backed up, but it was only the programs,so I didn’t lose any projects. As I have had to download everything from scratch and get a new ssd Im hoping whatever caused the issue will be gone. Anyway, good learning experience and I will be backing up regularly. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.