Notes heard in score, but not seen

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I wonder what I did this time. In the second bar one can hear the flutes and trumpets, but the notes are not shown in the score. somehow they became hidden and I have not yet found a way to reveal/recover them. I checked the extracted parts and the notes were neither seen nor heard.

I can’t hear any unexpected flute or trumpet notes. Do you hear these notes if you play back only the flute part, or only the trumpet part? Can you attach an exported audio file from this snippet that includes the unexpected notes?

I do not hear or see anything from the flutes or trumpets in this snippet when I play them back either highlighted in the score or as an extracted part. The notes, per se, are not unexpected. I wrote them into the score. Everything to me looks good in set up mode. When I go to play mode, I do not see anything in that measure being played.

Even in the play mode I hear the instruments. The music is somewhere, but I am not seeing it.

Do you still hear them if you mute every other instrument?

I don’t know why, but I deleted the one note in the 2nd flute part and now I have the right playback hearing just the trombones on beats 3 and 4 where I was hearing flutes and trumpets, too. It’s a mystery, but problem solved. Thanks to all for having a look.

Did you add staves to a part, or try an ossia, then decide against it and remove it? Deleting an ossia doesn’t delete its notes. (This has its uses, and is a feature, not a bug, but it trips people up sometimes.)

Perhaps your audio is messing with how you hear certain parts of it? I don’t hear any trumpet when I tried.

You’re not by any chance a drummer are you?

I spoke with Art. He’s not a drummer(!) :grinning: He had a gliss in the bones that were playing back as 16th notes, and he thought he was hearing flutes/trumpets.

Pilot Error!

I’m a dime a dozen sax player, but an air drummer, too.

Cat’s out of the bag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The trombone glissando was messing with me!