Notes in Piano (RH only) half length

This is most peculiar happening: for 14 bars only (in a piece of some 370 bars), the notes in the piano right hand only (not in the LH) sound at only half their length. Since manually extending these note to full length in Play mode then shows up in Write mode as tied notes, this is no solution. Please help.

Can you please cut down your project to the smallest chunk that exhibits the problem, zip it up and attach it here, so we can take a look?

I copied the offending passage into a new file where the problem still exists. Note that the lower stave exhibits full length notes. Thanks, Daniel.
Kerry (452 KB)

The left hand notes and the first four bars of the right hand are under a slur which causes them to play with a slight overlap. The other un-slurred notes in the right hand play back with the old default note length of 85%. Go to Play > Playback Options and either choose ‘Reset to Factory’ to use the new defaults, or in Timing > Note Durations set the note length to something higher (eg 90-95%) to make the notes sound less detached.

Thanks Paul, but neither suggestion makes any difference. The piano RH should be legato and un-detached. The first 4 bars of the RH do not play with a slight overlap, they are exactly a half length of what they should be. Perhaps you have another idea.

Kerry, unfortunately on my computer your excerpt there plays back exactly as legato as notated. Could you export an MP3 of how it sounds for you and stick that MP3 on Dropbox or somewhere, then post a link here for us?

I too was struggling to hear what you were referring to - I assumed it was the shorter notes without a slur at the end, which sounded slightly detached.

Here is the Dropbox link, Daniel. I would, of course, like to get to the bottom of this, but can probably create a new Piano Part and re-write this passage, if you can’t solve it. Thanks.

That certainly sounds different to what I’m hearing when I play back your example, Kerry. What playback device are you using? The default HSSE Yamaha S90 piano, or something else?

Yes, the HSSE Yamaha S90 piano.

And can you confirm that you’re running the latest Dorico 3.5.10 (Mac) or 3.5.11 (Windows) update?

Yes, Dorico 3.5.10 (Mac)

Mac Catalina

Daniel, perhaps you posted me after this last reply. If so, I don’t seem to have received it. Have you any other ideas about this strange problem? Thanks, Kerry.

No, I haven’t replied since your last message; it would appear here if I had. (And while I know it’s frustrating to have a problem like this, please don’t bump threads.)

I must admit that I’m quite mystified by this issue. I assume you’ve tried going to Play > Playback Templates and re-applying the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template? Is the snippet you posted here on the forum already copied and pasted from your original project to a new project, or is it the original project cut down? If you haven’t tried copying and pasting to a new project, how does it sound if you do that?

My apologies for bumping, it was unintentional. I wrote in response to a Steinberg mail that you had replied to me, seemingly an hour after your previous response, but overlooked the time difference (I’m in Holland). Sorry about that.

I have since re-applied the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template, but it makes no difference. The snippet I posted was cut down from the original, and pasting it to a new project gave the same result.

I have begun re-writing the mystifyingly offensive bars and all seems well. So please don’t bother yourself further with this little one of life’s mysteries (unless you want you). Thanks, Daniel.