Notes 'Left Behind' When Transposing Via Shift+I

Using the shift+I popover to transpose a passage, I find that some notes are left unaffected for some reason. I can’t figure out a rationale for which notes remain untransposed, but it seems to be consistent. I’ve made a little video of me making a selection and writing “t-p5” in the popover. The Bb in the first bar remains where it is while all the other notes are transposed as expected. Bug?

You’re not the first one writing about some strange mistakes that sometimes the transposing tool does — but I couldn’t find the first thread that talks about it. I remember it was the same kind of problem, there was one note in a series of notes that did not transpose as it should…
Have you found a minimal example file that you could send to the devs ? Ok, I just recreated your example and it does exhibit the bug, so here it is, posted !
transposing (313 KB)

Jay, can you reproduce the problem if you use block selection, i.e. click in the staff rather than on the notes? I suspect that somehow the stray note is ending up unselected, despite appearing to still be selected.

I highlighted this in a recent post.

It appears to be related to the different number of notes in the chords combined with the same note being present common to either the untransposed or transposed version of the first chord. The problem only occurs with the Shift+I popover. Using the transpose dialog seems to work fine.
In the attached examples, the highlighted notes do not transpose up or down a 2nd when the whole bar is selected, and the popover is used. The problem affects both diatonic and specific interval transposition.
up a major 2nd.JPG
Down a major 2nd_2.JPG
Down a major 2nd.JPG


I tried selecting the notes, clicking in the bar and drag-select. The outcome is the same when I transpose down, but everything is fine when transposing up. Funny that when I then select the notes and transpose them back, the stray note does transpose. I can’t find a rationale for it.