Notes misaligned vertically

I’m curious how this happened (Dorico Pro 4.0.31), the orange notes shown. I had written them in the wrong voices, so the stems were flipped the other direction, and Dorico shifted the noteheads to fit correctly. When I swapped the voice contents, they remained shifted as shown, with nothing in Properties turned on.

I could use Engrave to fix this, but hoped Dorico would have displayed these correctly, and wonder if I did something wrong.


Edit to add: Attached are just the notes in question, copied and pasted into a new flow. They do the same vertical misalighment.
Vertical_alignment.dorico (417.0 KB)

The voice column indexes have been manually forced to 0 and 1. I’m not sure why. Un-toggling that property fixes it.

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In addition to what Dan has stated regarding voice indexing. What is going on with your voices? You seem to have three voices where two would do as in the attached example:

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 8.32.20 PM

The orange notes are selected, not another voice.

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@tbabcock123, you may be misinterpreting the orange notes in the picture. I had selected them, thus they turned orange. I’m just using two voices.

@DanKreider, your advice was spot-on, thanks. I’m not sure why either. I also don’t know why I didn’t notice, as I checked the Properties! Maybe I need new glasses.

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It might be useful if Dorico could avoid using orange as a voice indicating colour, reserving it for selected notes.


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If it were user’s choice, I might pick a shade of grey for selected elements. Or a pink drop-shadow? ha!

good heavens no! one grey element in a sea of black? yikes.

And gray signifies a playback-suppressed note.

(Just for completeness, notes/rests/items can appear grey in a number of circumstances: because they’re implicit rests, have suppressed playback, are in a unison range around a divisi change, are in a cue, are on a condensed staff)

Didn’t Daniel say that at some point down the roadmap he hoped users would be able to choose voice colors, or was that my imagination?