Notes Missing in Key Editor

I’m seeing an intermittent issue with displaying notes in the key editor. sometimes when I double click a part the notes show up, and other times they don’t, but the keys being played show on the keyboard during playback. The notes are visible in the parts in the arranger window when zoomed in.

This repeated over two projects which started with importing MIDI files. I’m on an iPad 3 running Cubasis 1.6.

Any ideas?


Hmmmm…tumbleweed :unamused:
This is a real issue. I can provide screenshots if it helps?

Do single notes in a melody disappear, or is the whole melody/part gone?

Only times I’m missing midi events it’s when I dragged them outside the midi part
or I created a part above the actual midi part in the arranger
or I’ve changed to a drum instrument which midi parts are vertically limited in the key editor
or I’m simply viewing the wrong octave.

It’s every note in the part that’s missing I know I’m in the right octave because the piano kybd on the side of the key edit window shows the notes being played.
I’m on iOS 7 if that is a factor.

That’s weird, I just tried to have this happen, but it was fine all the time.

By any chance, does this only happen when the locators are set completely or partially above the event you’re trying to view?

I still think the only way this could happen is when you accidentally create an event above the one you’re trying to view.

Are you able to recreate this or is it only random?

Do you have one midi region stacked on top of another? Try dragging the region to one side and see if there’s another one underneath. This will give exactly the behavior you’re describing.

That’s the problem, thanks Guys! :smiley:

So it’s muppet user error :blush: I don’t know how I managed to create the overlapping regions when all I did was to double tap to get into key editor.

Nothing wrong with the app. that’s the main thing.

I’ll go and read the manual.