Notes mouse (no keyboard)

thanks ! i’m trying again with your suggestion, not “perfect” but it help a bit !

If you really want to drag the pitches with your mouse, I suggest switching to Play Mode. :sunglasses: Also, since you come from Cubase, I guess the piano roll interface would be fairly familiar.

I would love to see you add the option to drag a note to change its pitch. I’m trying to switch to Dorico from Sibelius. I used that feature all the time in Sibelius, and find it pretty crippling that Dorico doesn’t have it.

Thanks for considering it! You guys are amazing!

Why crippling? I too migrated from Sibelius. Alt-up/down does pretty much the same, or Shift+Alt-up/down if you want chromatics (something Sibelius would not do in the version I left behind)

For one thing, I suppose because of my composing style (don’t use a keyboard). I also find it helpful to be able to effortlessly slide a note around and hear what happens. Plus, you like what you’re used to (ie the PC vs Mac debates)… I’m sure both work, but I really like dragging to pitch. I got my best friend, who uses Sibelius, to try out Dorico and one of his first remarks was that he really misses dragging a note to pitch. He and I just can’t be as productive (yet) without that feature, with the way we compose. Can I learn to do without it? I will give it a solid try. But that feature would be helpful for those who are used to it. Maybe a preference switch could turn it off for those who don’t like it.

Yes you can. Experiment with ‘pitch before duration’, which is effectively dragging a pitch before committing it.