Notes not playing in playback

I opened and modified a file created in Dorico 3.1 with Dorico 3.5. I’m using the last version of Noteperformer.
Everything goes well except for some playback issues.

In the screenshot, only the oboe sounds, all the other woodwinds do not sound.
There is another point in the score with woodwind trills and there everything works properly.
I created a new file starting from the original one and deleted all measures apart from these three here. When I do this, the playback works fine.
If I try to add two measures in the original file copying the two that do not work, it is the bassoon and not the oboe the only woodwind that plays.

What is happening?
Any idea why this happens and how to solve it?
Thanks for the help

There have been various threads about missing notes over the past few days - they tend to involve swing playback and sometimes repeat structures, and members of the development team have acknowledged that there are some problems here that need to be fixed.

I’d be exceptionally surprised if any of these audio problems could be diagnosed from a screenshot. If you want to know whether the problem is the same as others seen by the development team, you need to upload a project that exhibits the problem.

Thanks for the answer!
So, in my piece, there is no swing but there is a repeat of the first 19 measures.
When you say that I should upload the project, do you mean that I should upload the entire project?
I cannot upload a minimal version of it because when I cut all the other bars (the issues I found are all in the last 6 bars of the piece) the playback works fine.

What happens if you go to Playback Options and turn off playback of repeats?
How about duplicating the project and deleting all players apart from one, then uploading the whole project for just that one player?

sorry for answering only now!
I tried to disactivate the playback of repeats in the Playback options. When I do this it works fine!