Notes not saved with Master project file


When working with the Master project window the information entered in the Notes-tab is not stored when saving my Master project!

Anyone else seen this issue?
Any fix or update on the way?


Thanks for the report, I was not aware of this. This is noted to be fixed.

works on (my) mac at least… use 'em all the time.

Actually, the text is saved, but not always loaded. Since the project is a XML file, it is still possible to read it somehow.


Yes I checked and saw it is sved Ok in the mproj-file, but not reloaded/displayed when I open the project again later!
Is there anything I can do right now or do I have to wait for update?


From WaveLab, there is nothing to do until next version.
Read your comments with a text editor by opening your project file, if that’s important comments.