Notes of harp-track (spitfire harp library) suddenly stop giving any sound

Let me explain the situation:

I inserted an instrument track and chose the spitfire harp library.
Next I click the record button and play the notes I need to in my project.
Later after working out the other tracks as well, I notice when listening to the playback of the whole composition, that the harp suddenly stops playing in the middle of a phrase. I checked the library and see that my midi keyboard still gives signals to that specific library. I even see the pianokeys in the harpwindow being pressed when playing. But there is no sound.

It took me a while to find a way to temporarily bypass this problem and that is by clicking in the harp library window on the little arrow next to the title, you know, the one to go to the enxt technique/articulation in the library. Now I hadn’t ‘normal’ notes anymore but ‘PDL-notes’ according to the title. Next I returned one step to arrive again on the ‘normal’ playing technique of the harp library. And guess what, the sound works again.

Unfortunatually my luck was for short-term: again when the playback came at the same place, the sound of the harp suddenly falls out again. All the rest keeps going.

When trying to export every track seperately (Export > stereo > all instruments) , the problem even occurs in the harp audio file; at a certain point the harp dissapears.

I did even an update of the library but the result stays the same.

I’m getting desperate. Who can help me?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you try to use different Buffer Size, please?

I did, the result stays the same…

It could be that you programmed something in the MIDI data that forces the sound to disappear.
Check your articulation switching or bank/program changes in the MIDI track.