Notes out of range not changing colors

I have “Notes out of range” checked in the View menu, but out-of-range notes appear in the normal color anyway. I have seen red notes before. This is a clarinet part. I pushed a note down to about 20 ledger lines below the staff, no color change. Same with guitar, which I know more about than clarinet. What’s going on?

Most obvious thing I could think about : it’s an XML import, and Dorico doesn’t really know what instruments are playing.
Setup mode > Player’s card > Instrument’s menu> Change instrument to the “same” instrument (clarinet or guitar) should solve it.
If I am wrong, you might post a copy of the project exhibiting the problem!


New project Feb 6 (671.4 KB)
I carried out your instruction, and the result was a new clarinet staff, so I hand entered some notes. Seems it’s still not changing any colors. Could I have caused this by changing the default color of an out-of-range note? Can a person even do that?

Your project is displaying out-of-range notes correctly for me, bright red.

Is there any kind of global setting for that? What could be different about your copy of Dorico?

View Menu > Note and Rest Colors. Make sure out of range is checked.

No, there’s no setting to change the out-of-range note colors. Are you perhaps looking at the pink ones in the guitar staff?

I’m running 3.5.11, nothing out of the ordinary.

Opening a new project didn’t fix it.
After a computer restart and opening a new project, it started working.
Then I re-opened the problem file from before.
Neither project showed out-of-range color notes.
I closed the XML-contaminated project, and that didn’t fix the color problem.
XML seems to contaminate Dorico irretrievably.

Do you get this result? It’s accurately displaying out-of-range notes for the clarinet. I haven’t changed anything.

Your bar numbers are a hot mess, but you probably knew that.

The numbers are funny because this is digital scratch paper.
I restart the numbers for writing an 8-bar phrase instead of having to count measures.
It’s nice that Dorico is easy to do this with.
I’ll keep working with this because it has a lot of Master Page work in it. I don’t want to lose it.
I think next time instead of using XML I’ll just re-recopy the music.

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