Notes Paste in Wrong Staff

Scenario: A single staff has two parts. I am breaking that out into two separate staves. I copy the notes I want using the filter and then paste into the target staff.

Issue: Notes paste into the staff below the target staff. Why?

Here the lower notes in the trombone staff are selected and copied.

I position the cursor in the target staff (Trombone 2):

When I paste, the notes jump over Trombone 2 and paste into Bass Trombone.

Any particular reason you are doing this by hand instead of using Explode?

Because I don’t know how to explode. I had two small sections to do so I was using the method I first learned on this forum.

Explode would be great for the next instrument group, but it would be good to know what’s wrong since it may come up in other copy/paste situations.

Your first screenshot is suspect: towards the right hand side of it there are accents selected on a stave that is out of view, above the screenshot.

Please show us everything that you’re selecting before copying.

I looked into Explode and I can see where it would be great in many situations. In this case, I have two trombones that are usually a2 and split occasionally, so Explode might be overkill for me in this case, although other users may know some tricks.

This paste behavior is still weird.

The staves are indeed a bit crowded. I will try to get a cleaner image (although I don’t think the accents above are material). Thanks.

You don’t even show us what instruments are playing. You appear to be in Galley mode. Please show the whole width of the staves or post a Dorico excerpt so we can see what you are doing.

Looking at your screenshots some more, I believe the accents absolutely are material: the one selected accent I can see must be attached to a note, and the stave you’re attempting to paste into does receive that one accented note.

Be more careful about how you select things - anything that’s selected will be copied, and anything that’s copied will be pasted.

Thanks, everyone. I will (attempt to) reproduce this carefully and provide a better screenshot if it happens again A nicked edge of an accent might explain the strange behavior.