Notes randomly play or not

Hi everyone,
When I playback a score, I have some notes that will play back on one go and not another time around. Usually it’s the instrument first note in the piece/block but it can also be after a while it didn’t play. The subsequent note play fine. When it doesn’t play, I usually hear a pop instead. It like the vst wakes up to late… (I use mostly VSL over VEPro 7).
Anybody has an idea why this occurs?

I guess it’s definitely possible for your VST instrument to have unloaded some of the sounds that are required if it’s automatically purging unused samples in order to conserve memory usage. I expect there are some settings in the Vienna instruments (and possibly even in VE Pro) that might control this.

Hi Daniel,
No that’s not it. Samples are all loaded and there’s no automatic purging going on. I can playback the same passage ten times over without changing anything and the note will play 3 or 4 times out of 10.
I’m not saying it’s coming from Dorico and not from V-instrument or Ve pro. I have no idea. What I can’t understand is how come the result changes when it’s exactly the same conditions.
I’ll try to see if it ever happens with the few Kontakt instruments I use. That would at least rule out V-instrument.