Notes Selection

It is possible to select the lower notes of a musical passage only when there are several notes in the same voice, avoiding selecting when there is only one note in the voice
(Es posible seleccionar las notas inferiores de un pasage musical sólo cuando hayan varias notas en la misma voz, evitando seleccionar cuando sólo hay una nota en la voz)

Yes, this is possible by using the filtering options.

  • Select your notes
  • Filter > Notes in Voices > Bottom or single notes
  • Filter > Deselect only
  • Filter > Notes in Voices > Top or single notes

Does this work?

No, tambien selecciona notas simples y sólo quiero que seleccione en notas dobles/acordes

I used Google to translate your reply so I hope that I interpreted it correctly as:

“No, it also selects single notes and I only want it to select double notes/chords”

Yes, it does. I just tried it.

I want to select lower notes but not individual notes

Yes. If you follow my steps exactly in order then you will be left with only the lowest notes of intervals/chords selected - with any single notes deselected.

Before you set your filter to deselect (step 3) you will have the lowest notes and single notes selected. This is correct. When you get to the end of step 4, only the lowest notes of the chords will remain selected.

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perfect, thank you very much

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