Notes spellings inconsistent between score & part

In a steel drum part, a measure appears like this, with flat accidentals:
Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 2.43.02 AM

In both of the score layouts I have, flatted notes appear as their sharp enharmonic:
Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 2.43.23 AM

I’m finding similar occurrences in a marimba part too. My thought was that these parts are being transposed even though they’re in C. But when I toggle between the transposed/concert pitch settings while looking at a score, the weird sharp enharmonics remain.

Is there a reason for why this is occurring?

Thank you.

Have you ever changed the enharmonic spelling of these notes, or have they always been like that?
How did you enter these notes, via MIDI keyboard?

Yes – When you change enharmonics in a part, these do not change in the score. Conversely, enharmonic changes you make in a score layout will propagate to the part layouts. So just change them in the score, and everything will match.

You can propagate spellings from a part layout to the score layout via Write > Respell > Propagate Spellings.


Oh, interesting. Yes, I’ve been making changes in the parts, not in the score. I didn’t realize enharmonics don’t propagate up to the score automatically, and didn’t realize what “Propagate Spellings” meant. Thanks!