Notes stop playing


Retrologue2 on cubase 8.0.35 - analog r8 strings

While holding a note with my left hand and playing with my right- the bass note will stop playing.

  • the virtual keyboard on retrologue still shows the note as being held- but the sound cuts off…
    -if i hold the bass note without playing the treble part, the note is sustained…

Thx and greets:)

(Just saw that R2 was still installed after removing 8.5;) yay!
Am in bitter need of elastique 3 tho:/

Edit: p.s. It sounds beautiful! Thank you all so much:)


to avoid this, you should increase the number of voices or decrease the amp release time.

Hope this helps!

Hi cubender:)

Thanks for your tips!

I like the release time:p

Upping the voices to 32 fixed it, thx:)

  • interesting/special that the voices are are held so long after release;)

Greets - and thank you again:)