Notes triggered by Midi keyboard play 2 presets

I assigned Halion7 to a track. I selected a Halion7 preset. I press play on the transport. The assigned Halion7 preset is triggered as expected. If I highlight the same track and press keys on my GX-61 midi keyboard, Halion7 plays the assigned preset along with another unknown preset.
I created a new track with Halion 7 as the instrument. I selected a preset. When I play my GX-61, I again get the correctly assigned preset in combination with the same unknown preset that plays with the previous track highlighted. If I record midi events on the new track and press play on the transport only the assigned preset plays. (No unknown preset accompaniment.)
The unknown preset is not used anywhere in this project.

Maybe you have a Hidden Instrument Track with Monitor Enabled on it. If you Mute your Halion Track & play your keyboard do you still hear the other voice?

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When I closed Cubase later yesterday, it crashed. When I opened Cubase, loaded the same project, and selected the same Halion7 track, Halion7 played only the preset selected when striking mu midi keyboard keys.
It appears to have been a temporary glitch. I sent the crash report to Steinberg.
Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me! I haven’t experienced this before, and hopefully it was one time issue.

Did you have anything selected in media bay?

I sometimes get this when previewing sounds in mediabay. The last selected vst preset keeps playing together with any selected track in project.

You may be right. I did have the media bay open at the time. The window was hidden, but I remember seeing it before Cubase crashed.

Thanks for your input.


The general approach to sorting stuff like this out is to Mute the sound source you are aware of and then look around for signals on Meters to locate the other sound source.

That’s the approach I took. I looked for any output on other tracks. I muted the track, which muted all output. If the track played a midi event, everything was fine. Only when I played my MIDI keyboard did both voices play. I assumed it was a MIDI assignment problem, but all the other tracks were muted and there was no level activity on any other track. I forgot that earlier that day I had opened the media bay looking for a sound FX. I didn’t close the Media Bay when I saved the project because I had to leave for a while. Saving the project hid the Media Bay window behind the Project window. When I returned a few hours later I had forgotten all about the Media Bay.
Thanks for your input.