Notes view: Time marker improvement / add Part marker -feature

Hi folks!

In notes view, the time marker feature is handy, but I would like to have same kind of “scroll to” tag connected with parts.

As I change parts with my midi controller, it would be nice if the notes view scrolled to the assigned part marker in the same way as time marker does as assigned time marker is reached.

and no, our band doesn’t use click. :slight_smile:

It should work when you assign a trigger time to the Part. Then when you select the Part, it will locate to that trigger time and Notes should jump there as well, regardless of using transport run (click).

For some reason it doesn’t work for me, tried both Mac & Win versions (1.4). I even created a new empty project, and added few parts and assigned them to certain timestamps, and after that added Time markers to notes view.

The Notes view autoscroll works nicely when playback cursor reaches assigned time marker.

If I select manually next part before the next assigned time marker, part activates but the playback position doesn’t change, and also the Notes view autoscroll doesn’t change (becouse it takes its time information from playback cursor?)

So there are 2 options: There’s some hassle in my settings (again) or the Notes view autoscroll works only when playback is active.

Ouch, unfortunately, you are correct. It only checks for time markers when transport is started.
Will be fixed with the next version, sorry.
As an “excuse”, we also added the possibility for a time marker at 1.1.0, which is necessary in this case.