Notespacing (Engrave mode) is not working...? (Dorico 2 Pro)


If I mark the single notes and want to change the position they get the blue boxes but I cannot move them… To change the notelines, there is no problem… Did I forget something?

Thanks for any advice!

I’m a bit flummoxed, to be honest. Is this a regular instrument or a percussion kit? Are you using Alt+arrow keys to move them?

… no, I mean the horizontal note spacing to change the layout. :wink:

Are you talking about this:

or something completely different?

… yes! Exactly!! Are you able to change the position of the single notes?

Yes. You select a blue box and then use the Alt key with the arrow keys to move it. You can’t use the mouse. Were you trying to use Alt+arrow keys?

Click a square (which turns solid blue).
Press ALT+(Right or Left) ARROW to move it slightly side-to-side, or…
Press CTRL+ALT+ARROW to move it by a larger amount.

That changes the position of the beat or sub-beat in the measure.

If you want to change only the specific note, click the circle (see the circle above the A 2nd eighth of measure three in Leo’s example above) and apply the same key combination to move just that note within the beat.

Dear pianoleo and Derrek

Thank you very much! It’s solved! :slight_smile: