Nothing in email

I am trying to look at the Ionica Ensembles, but when I click on Try for 30 days, it tells me to check my email of my account… and NOTHING ever shows up there… any ideas?

Spam folder?


I’ve had the exact same experience. Result: I did not buy Iconica, started the Praise for Dorico thread (which proved very successful)… I’d say this is a massive failure from the Iconica team :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t easily provide a trial code for Iconica as it’s not one of the products I have any direct involvement in, but if you contact our support team and request a code, the support team should be able to provide one for you.

Probably. But shouldn’t we receive a code when we ask for it on the Steinberg/Iconica “click to receive a trial code” thing? This is simple feedback to tell everything does not work as smoothly as Dorico in Steinberg’s universe :wink:

Normally the reason why no trial code is received is because the system either has, or incorrectly thinks it has, issued a code for that product before to that Steinberg ID. However, it doesn’t provide you with any feedback to that effect, which is certainly not ideal.