Nothing is working

  • No midi parts
  • No VSTinstruments patches (when instruments loaded succeeded)
  • Sometimes audio tracks
  • Instruments tracks are sometimes “ghosted” in grey, and instruments are not loaded, there is only a “ghost” track with the name of the instrument but we can do nothing with.
  • No routing config, no busses, no insert fx, no send tracks, no arranger and chord track.
  • “Save credentials” option doesn’t work for me but yes for my friend, and we have the same configuration (Mac Pro 6,1 - 4 x 3, 7 GHz).

All tested on OSX 10.11 and 10.9.5.


you can please add me as your friend? “mspork”. Can you then add me to your Project? I’ll have a look.


Ok, it’s done.

Do you have receive my invitation ?