Nothing loaded in C7.5 but the performance shows about 15-20


Asus z87 plus mobo
Asus geforce GT 640
SSD Drive
8 GB memory corsair
Fireface 800 latest drivers, 64 samples latency
UAD -2
Cubase 7.5

The thing is without any Project loaded it shows about 15 % load on the performance meter.
Ive maid all the tweaks possible.
When presviuosly running a quadcore with cubase 5 and same Fireface 800 I never had this issues.
Changing the latency to 64 samples gives me a latency in C7.5 to about 2,3 ms

Is this normal on no load att all ?


Its normal for version 7.

I checked release notes and they apparently implemented MSCC and redesigned the vst engine…so my theory is thats why performance is so bad compared to 6.

Okay, thanks. I hope they will come up with a solution to this.


Aloha L,

Not getting that prob at all here.
When nothing is loaded, nothing shows on the meter.

Your issue surprises me because Cubase is (in most cases)
more efficient/snappier/faster/better graphics on PC.

Good Luck!

Hello there C

Maybe there is something in the BIOS that I missed
As its a new PC I tried it out with generic ASIO driver , Before installing fireface 800. And the result was the same. Its like a car on idle, with small revs from the Engine.

If I found something I le t u know.


I turned off hyperthreading and the issue nearly Went away. Its still a bit left but much better.