Nothing on built VST3 plugins' GUI

Hello everyone,

Today I have tried several times to build those example plugins included in the SDK, but their GUI are not shown, just a blank square.

How to fix it?

The problem is just as the picture shows:

You need to copy the whole .vst3 “bundle” folder and not just the “naked” .vst3 file from inside the x86_64-win folder. The bundle folder contains the extra artwork that is needed to render the GUI.

BTW: you are using Reaper - if you do click on “Open UI Description Editor” it will crash; this is a known issue with Reaper/“Open UI Description Editor” that has been going on for several years now.

  • Will Pirkle

Everything now goes well! Thanks a lot!

BTW, how to pack those resources into the built .vst3 file so that I needn’t copy the folder?

“BTW, how to pack those resources into the built .vst3 file so that I needn’t copy the folder?“

You can pack the resources (PNG files) into the XML file by altering the uidesc file via the WYSIWYG editor to embed the PNG data inside the XML file, then edit the project’s CMakeLists.txt file to remove the resource dependencies of those PNG files.

But (IMO) there isn’t a good reason to circumvent the Steinberg engineers’ bundle-folder approach. While the resulting plugin will be somewhat more “self contained” it won’t be any smaller in size since it absorbs the PNG data. Plus, all the VST3 hosts should find the .vst3 plugin in the bundle without problems. In addition, this is how the MacOS version of VSTs (and AU and AAX) plugins work, as well as WinOS AAX too.

And, I am guessing that they changed the paradigm to use the bundle-folder for good reasons, including stuff that hasn’t been specified or announced yet. So, I would recommend just going with the flow and use the whole bundle folder. Just my opinion.

  • Will

Thanks a lot for guiding me on VST programming!