Nothing to do with cubase but still worth a read

So this afternoon im doing some editing and my phone rings.
I pick it up to hear a foreign voice say “hello im calling from microsoft” (yeh right) “i see you have a genuine version windows 7 in your home and for a number of weeks we have been reciving error reports from it”
“their are many problems with your security shutting down and we need to fix the problem”

me O…K

“yes we need you to turn on your pc and we can show your the problem”

again me O…K

Then she says “first you turn on your computer and give me remote access and i will show you the problem”

(yeh right)

im sat their thinking SORRY knowing microsoft would never ring you let alone say this kind of crap.
its obvious its a scam im sure most of you guys are well aware of it but basically she tried to tell me error reports were my big problem and my pc had major viruses and spyware in it…i was finding all this hilarious.

Me “its fine i only built it last week its mint”

Cold caller “u built it last week?”

Me “yes i did!”…“and its Fine”

Anyway i proceeded to waste a little more of her time and then decided to tell her im well aware shes a scammer and to F off!
which she did…ISTANTLY! :laughing: :laughing:

I can see how an unsuspecting person could fall for this its very sly little scam i did some googling after and their seems to be quite a bit of it going around and some people are!..even older people are being done by them its disgusting praying on them let alone anyone else for that matter!
they are trying to fit you up with phony antivirus software and suport and my guess maybe putting on some kind of password cracker software too?? who knows.

anyway just thought i would share it…has anyone else had this kind of call?

Hi steve

Its bad isnt it i couldnt belive what i was hearing when she started off by saying she was from microsoft! microsoft do not do this.

you just dont give someone whos asking access to your Pc do ya…

I read before that someones elderly father had been on the phone to one lot for over two hours with them in control of his pc i would hate to think what they had been snooping at and messing around with :question:

it looks like a lot of people have been burned by them!

This would work mate :laughing:

The good ole swear filter stops me from expressing my real feelings of these kind of people steve :unamused:

I guess this kind of thing is only going to happen more as they can conceal their identity they realy are cowards theft is theft at the end of the day…they probably think they are so clever and call themselves hustlers.but at the end of the day they are just theives they can dress it up as much as they like thats all they are.

Its a good job you changed your details in time bud :slight_smile:

I had this I told them I was running OSX 10.6.8 and they still not get it!!

Ha ha excellent